What exactly is a ghost?   The majority of ghosts are us-people.  When we are alive, we have free will to do as we want.  When we die, the same holds true.  We can decide not to go into the light and stay here.  People do not cross over for many reasons (fear, love, hate, etc).  When our time to pass comes, the silver cord that connects our spirit to our physical body disconnects.  In human life, our physical body provides the spirit with the necessary energy to survive.  When we detach from the physical, our spirit needs energy to survive.  It is then that the spirit starts disrupting the environment of the living.  The ghost feeds off the emotional and physical energy that humans produce.  As a result, getting these people/ghosts crossed over is better for them and for us.

Why are there ghosts in my house/business?  There are two reasons why a ghost may be in your house/business.  First, ghosts are attracted to energy.  The energy of the people in your house attracts them.  Spirits like high emotional energy. 

Is there lots of laughter, yelling, activity or stress?  Ghosts are attracted to people in high emotion jobs as well.  Police, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Customer Service Representatives, and Bartenders are good examples. 

Has someone in your house played with a Ouija board or practiced black magic?  A family member may have unknowingly allowed a ghost in while doing this. 

Does someone use or abuse drugs or alcohol?  Ghosts will look for a fix like they had when alive, once they find it they will stay close to the abuser. 

My child has an imaginary friend, is this bad?  Children are a great energy source because they are high energy.  Sometimes your childs “imaginary” friend is just a ghost who is there for the energy.  Second, is this may be the spirit of a deceased loved one.  They may be hanging around to let those left behind know about their undying love.  They may be wanting to let you know that they are okay and you do not need to worry about them.  Regardless of their intent, it is best for them and for us to get them crossed over.

I have a ghost, what should I do?  Ignore it.  Ghosts will act out to provoke you.  Your reaction provides the energy they need to survive.  The larger your reaction, the more energy they get, the more they act out, the more you react, the more energy they get.  Get the idea, its a vicious circle.  Don’t talk about the ghost.  Again, you are focusing energy to the ghost.  Think of the spirit as a child.  The child acts up to get your attention.  As a result, you respond to the child.  When the child wants something again what is it going to do?  Yep, it will act up.  If you ignore the ghost they may lose interest and they will go away.  

I’ve ignored the ghost but it is still acting up, what now?  First, give the ghost some time to come down from its energy trip.  This can take several days.  Also, the ghost will use its energy in more extreme ways to get a reaction until it runs out or you respond.  Second, the ghost may have a connection to your location and is obtaining energy somewhere else.  Ghost may be attached to the property or posessions you have.  Have you brought any antiques or items previously owned items into your house.  Some ghosts are attached to artwork, jewelry, antiques, furniture, etc. and may hang around to see that the new owner is taking care of the cherished item.  A ghost like this may seek out energy elsewhere to maintain its presence with you.  If you have some sea salt, sprinkle it on your recent purchases, this will help loosen the spirit attachment.  If the ghost is still active several weeks after ignoring it, it is time to have help in clearing it out. 

Items in my house disappear, only to reappear later, what is going on?  One of the ways ghosts will try to get a reaction out of you is by hiding items you need.  Don’t start yelling or acting out about the missing item.  You know your keys were left on the kitchen counter and they aren’t there now.  Stop by the counter, let the ghost know that you know the keys were there and tell them you are going to leave the room and you expect them back when you come back.  Do not yell, talk plainly and sternly.  Turn and leave the room and come back in a few minutes.  The item your missing will reappear.  Some ghosts might put them under something just to be spiteful, but they will reappear.

You keep mentioning “energy.” Why is that important?  We are all made up of energy.  Every living thing is in essence energy wrapped in a physical presence.  If you look at a person, you can see their aura.  The aura is the body’s energy field.  When we die and leave the body, it is our energy that leaves the physical and moves forward into the light.  What we call our spirit, is just our energy selves.  Our physical body metabolizes food which powers us.  As spirit we still require energy to exist.  Spirit absorbs physical or emotional energy to survive.  When you have a high energy job or an environment with lots of energy, you have a higher likelihood of having a spirit around you. 

Why doesn’t everybody go into the light?  As humans we have free will.  Just because we die, does not mean that we do not have free will.  We can choose to stay if we want.  It doesn’t help our soul’s development, but it is possible.  This is one of the many reasons why we have ghosts.  Some people die so quickly that they are disoriented and dont cross over because they do not believe they are dead.  Some are afraid of the judgement or punishment that they feel awaits them when they go into the light.  Some people are attached to loved ones or posessions.  We have the light around us for several days after our physical death.  Once the light goes away, the spirit must survive on the human plane.  Hence, a ghost is born. How can you help our ghosthunting group?  I have three ways to help your group.  First, I can remove ghosts from the properties of people who contact your group and are in distress.  Second, I can provide education on psychic techniques that your group can employ to find ghosts.  Lastly, I can help educate on psychic self-defense techniques that will keep your team members safe.

Psychic Development Classes/Public Speaking

Can you present on multiple topics in one session?  Yes, I am happy to present the information your group is wanting and can tailor it to fit your needs. 

What is the difference between a class and public speaking?  The main difference is in a class, I present information relating to one psychic topic, meditation, and exercise.  Public speaking events can cover just a single item but usually are more generic.  Public speaking generally does not allow me the ability to provide a meditation or exercise. 

Tarot Readings/Parties

How many questions may I ask during a reading?  You can ask as many as you have time for.  I find that most questions can be answered in a 30 minute session.  If you wish to book a longer session, that is fine. 

I want to host a Tarot party, how many people can I invite?  Invite as many people as you want.  Depending upon the length of time I may need to schedule breaks.

Are there any questions you won’t answer?  If the answer does not pertain to you or is private for someone else, I will not give you the information.  I believe in upholding high ethical standards.  You wouldn’t want me telling someone else private information about you.

How often should I get a reading?  Think of me as an “advisor” in life.  The most frequently I would say is monthly.  Generally, once every few months is satisfactory.   You need to allow life to happen and can not micromanage it through tarot readings.