Mediumship is the ability to facilitate communication between the living and those who have crossed over or died.

Many people use mediums to connect with their loved ones who have passed, to have comfort in knowing they still exist.

I enjoy working as a medium because I can help people have a connection to their loved ones.

Mediumship can be healing not only for the living, but for those who have passed as well.  Sometimes the one who has crossed has some unfinished business with those left behind.  Utilizing a medium can bring closure for all involved.

I enjoy performing mediumship in a gallery setting.  This means I have a group of about 5-7 people and I work to bring messages from their loved ones.  Because the groups are small, I can focus on each person and work on bringing in a message for everyone in the group.

One thing to remember when working with a medium is that sometimes there is someone in spirit who needs to come through more than the person you want to come through.  It takes a lot of energy to make the connection and they are appearing because they need healing from someone on this side.