If you are experiencing ghost activity and need help, please contact me at and check out my FAQs.

Ghostbusting involves removing the ghost/spirit from the property.  Once I assist the spirit in crossing over, I work to cleanse the property to remove any residual negative energy and then protect the property from any further spirit visitations.  Ghostbusting is different from ghosthunting in a number of ways.

First, ghosthunters seek to find evidence of ghosts using different tools and techniques.  If their tools don’t pick up anything, they can miss your ghost. As a Clairsentient, I don’t need tools.  Spirits are energy, I can feel energy.  I know when they are there and when they aren’t.

Second, spirits need to interact with ghosthunters in order for ghosthunters to have any evidence.  Ghosts have free will and do not have to interact with ghosthunters if they do not want to.  Without spirit interaction, ghosthunters are ineffective.  I don’t need spirits to interact with me.  I feel them, I know they are there.  Once identified, I can then work to get them crossed over to where they belong.

Third, ghosthunters work only at night when ghosts are more active.  Because I can feel their energy, I can find them and remove them during the day or night.

Fourth, and most importantly, ghosthunters can tell you if you have a ghost. I can tell if you have a ghost AND remove it. Many ghosthunters hunt to find ghosts but don’t know what to do once they determine you have a ghost. Some even believe that you can not remove a ghost, that you are “stuck” with them. They are wrong. As a clairsentient, I can find them and work to cross them over.  I then remove any residual negative energy from the house and protect the property from their return.

Finally, I help educate you as to how you may have attracted a ghost, how you can protect yourself, and how to keep any future ghosts at bay.

As humans, we have free will.  When we die, we have the same free will to stay or go into the light.  Spirits who stay behind require energy and obtain it from the living.

Ghosts can’t get energy from an outlet or appliance, it’s too strong.  Instead they work to manipulate the emotional energy of an area.  The more they are able to get someone to react to their presence, the more energy they get. This is why they are disruptive. It is best for them and for us to get them crossed over.

I am happy to assist with your ghost removal needs for no charge.  If you feel my services have been beneficial I would accept any gratuity you wish to provide.   I will come to your location.  I do a quick walk through where I “feel” for the spirit.  If one is in residence, I am happy to get them crossed over.  I am happy to then work to clean the property and protect.  I will also provide you with instructions how to reduce any future occurrences that may happen.